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CCSD and Las Vegas Library Summer Challenge

The Clark County School District (CCSD) is collaborating with the public libraries on the Summer Challenge. Students should continue building literacy skills by reading at least 30 minutes daily. Students can win prizes by participating in the Summer Challenge. The CCSD school with the most student participation in the Summer Challenge will receive a trophy. Contests run through July 31, 2022.

Summer Camp for 2022-2023 incoming 6th-grade Magnet Students

With so many magnet students coming from all different schools across the CCSD, we would like to invite our incoming magnet students to a Hyde Park summer camp, July 26th - 28th. Please click the attachment for registration and pricing information.

Elective Descriptions for Incoming 6th-Grade Students

Future Panthers, welcome to Hyde Park. Please click on the attachment in this story to see a brief description of the electives you will be able to request during your 6th-grade year at Hyde Park. These electives are available for ALL Hyde Park students.

Elective forms:
6th grade - https://forms.gle/wHxbFfw2iDQvTXqS6
7th grade - https://forms.gle/EDJs5C53f7F6DFDk9
8th grade - https://forms.gle/gBZa5rtH4nJbPtqcA

Chromebook Collection

Starting on Monday, May 16th, we will begin collecting all school-issued Chromebooks from the students. Chromebooks will be collected through the student's science class, and their teacher will share the collection schedule with the class. To have an efficient collection, please complete the following items before coming to school.
1) Remove any stickers or adhesive that may be on the device.
2) Fully charge the device for turning-in
3) Wrap up the cord that goes with the Chromebook. All Chromebook cords are 3-prong
4) Inspect for any damage and look at the attached fine sheet to know what may be assessed if the device is damaged.

Attached to this announcement is a copy of the fine sheet that will be issued if the damage is found. Students that do not turn in a device will be charged the full replacement cost of the device, which can be up to $350.00.

National School Breakfast Week - Click Here

Join the Las Vegas Raiders in Celebrating National School Breakfast Week and share the PSA on school websites, morning announcements, and social media. National School Breakfast Week is March 7 - 11, 2022.

Hyde Park is on Instagram

HPPMS is now on Instagram. Be sure to follow our page and stay up to date with as much information as possible.


We are also on Twitter @HydePark_MS

CCSD Annual Survey


Please take a moment and complete the CCSD Parent Survey. The survey needs to be completed annually by CCSD students, parents, and staff members. The survey can be accessed at:


Hyde Park Restroom Policy

In response to the recent Tik Tok vandalism concerns, our bathroom policy is for students to ask to use the bathroom when needed, during class, and they will be directed to go to the 700 bathrooms, which are monitored. All students should have a blue corridor pass and sign in/out of their assigned classroom when they leave. Although we encourage students not to utilize the bathrooms during passing, and a few minutes before or after passing, in the case of an emergency, students can be sent to the nurse's office or the front office during those times. Please remind your students that if they need to use the restroom to please ask.