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Due to current circumstances, we are unable to hold onsite Parent Information Meetings. 

Hyde Park Academy virtual meetings will be held on

November 12, 2020, at 10:00 AM

December 3, 2020, at 3:00 PM

CCSD Virtual Magnet Fairs will be held on

October 24, 2020 10:00AM -  12:00 PM


December 5, 2020   10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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It is critical that you and your child become informed about the program at every magnet school to which you intend to apply so you can:

  • Understand program details of specific magnets
  • Learn about academic expectations at specific magnets
  • Fully understand program requirements before applying
  • Gather full information about transportation availability

    (Hyde Park has a very small transportation zone.)

How to Apply

Applications must be completed online by January 5, 2021


Choosing to attend a magnet school is a serious commitment.  Please become informed before you make your selection.

Dear Prospective Applicant and Parent,


We are writing to introduce ourselves in addition to informing you of some of the exciting opportunities at Hyde Park Academy of Science and Mathematics. By way of introduction, we are a magnet middle school in the Clark County School District.  The Academy provides many offerings to develop the academic talents of our students.  Advanced Placement (AP) strategies are incorporated into the instructional methodology throughout the Academy, thus providing one to two year acceleration in all parts of the middle school curriculum.


Our middle school Honors and Pre-AP programs and the high school Honors and Advanced Placement programs are vertically aligned to ensure the highest standards for our students.  With the knowledge that gifted students often learn in a different manner and in order to enable them to reach their highest potential, we have designed our instructional strategies with their diverse learning styles and multiple intelligences in mind.  Gifted students require creative and challenging coursework and must be permitted to accelerate and learn more complex material.  Our Pre-AP courses provide accelerated instruction in all core areas of the middle school curriculum on an academic level that is designed to motivate and capture the interest of our gifted students.


Another characteristic often common to gifted students is a need for motivation to continue to achieve.  Our teachers employ independent study investigations, curriculum compacting, and other strategies to differentiate the curriculum in order to inspire our students to excel.  Performance-based learning enables our students to apply newly acquired concepts and ideas to real-life situations in areas such as business, industry, research, and government.  The use and importance of technology is an integral aspect of our program and is used to assist in the development of higher level thinking skills, communication skills, and problem-solving skills.


Hyde Park utilizes the arts as one of many tools as we strive to address the aesthetic interests of gifted students.  We have developed a varied and highly successful fine arts department.  Students are able to participate in a wide selection of activities on assorted ability levels and in various musical styles and artistic media.  Our extracurricular clubs and enrichment activities are designed to provide our gifted students with mentors who share their interests and are able to enhance their knowledge.


Our faculty is comprised of dedicated educators who serve as academic mentors to our students.  They have coached our young competitors to national and international success as inventors, future city settlement designers, science Olympians, mathematics competitors, chess strategists, musicians, and authors.  While this list is not definitive, it Is designed to provide you an idea of the quality and excellence of our faculty.  Our goal has always been to provide each of our students with the individual attention, care, and encouragement that they require and deserve.


We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with information about our program.  Should you have any questions regarding Hyde Park Academy, magnet programs, or the application process, please contact our Magnet Office at 799-4260, Extension 4205.





Anna Belknap