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Check Transportation Eligibility

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How to Check Transportation Eligibility
  1.  Go to www.ccsd.net click on “Transportation” near the upper right side of the webpage.


  1. A new page will open. Scroll down toward the middle of the page, and click on the large, yellow “Click Here for Student Bus Stop Information” button.


  1. A new page will open. Scroll toward the bottom of the page, and click on the blue “Click Here” button.


4.  A new page will open.  Enter your address into the “Address” field utilizing the format shown on the web page.


 5.  Click the dropdown where it says, “Please Select Program”. Select “Magnet (w/Phase Out)”.  Then, click “Find”.


6.  Please be patient, the website will take a few moments to generate your results. Once the results have been generated, they will look something like this.  The schools listed are schools you qualify for transportation to.  Use the scrollbars to scroll through the information.  


Please be aware that transportation eligibility is determined by CCSD Transportation, not by the individual schools, and is subject to change.  If you do not qualify for transportation for your preferred school, it is your responsibility to provide or facilitate transportation for your child.  If you should have any questions, please contact CCSD Transportation at 702-799-8100.