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Chromebook Resources

Now that you have your Chromebook, how do you keep it running? Remember this device is your gateway to your classes, to your teachers, to your counselors, to your schoolmates, and the rest of the school. It's your best friend! Let's see how we can make your best friend, always happy and ready to go. So when you need it, it won't let you down.


We'll be updating this page with information periodically about your Chromebook, how to use it to access school information and applications. So tune in for more information and resources.


AN IMPORTANT ASPECT of your Chromebook is the VERSION UPDATE.  The Chromebook needs to be updated to the latest version. Find time to check the following to prevent issues.

Chrome OS Releases - To check the latest Chrome version release


For Chromebook Devices - How to Check and Update Chrome OS Version


For Google Chrome Browser - How to check and Update Chrome Browser Version


How-to Videos:


Chromebook Care