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Reminder to students: When you are absent be sure to pick up the written make-up assignment so you can get credit for the day(s) you missed.

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Hot weather

With the earlier start date we are dealing with some hot weather.  Unfortunately we just have to deal with it but the kids are encouraged to get drinks whenever they feel they need them.  Bottled water is allowed and kids should put their name on the bottles to discourage theft.  Also, when the weather is like this it is even more important that uniforms are washed at least once a week.  I tell the kids to bring them home Fridays so they are fresh and ready to go on Mondays.  Any questions or concerns please send me an email.
When students are absent, they do not earn their points for that day.  A written make up assignment should be picked up to earn back the lost points.  It can be picked up at any time, and the kids have until the end of the quarter to hand it in.