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Selecting the Correct Magnet School




It is important to carefully examine the programs offered by specific magnet schools before reaching a decision on which one will be the correct fit for you and your child. 


Hyde Park Academy of Science and Mathematics has been in existence for more than twenty years and is the oldest middle level magnet school in Las Vegas.  During that time, Hyde Park Academy has gone through changes in order to maintain a program dedicated to providing excellence in education.


A report published by the U.S. Department of Education, excerpted below, addresses the rationale behind these changes


“…districts also expanded their goals to focus on achievement-oriented outcomes…New purposes for magnet schools include modeling innovative educational methods and leveraging the element of choice to increased student learning and parent satisfaction.  In some districts, magnet schools have dramatically improved student achievement levels, renewing interest in these schools as a promising strategy for improving student learning…”


While the Hyde Park Academy of Science and Mathematics certainly does provide a very challenging program in areas of both math and science, we have expanded our focus.  We now provide a program that emphasizes that same advanced level of critical thinking and analysis in language arts and social studies, as well.  It has become an academy of studies for the academically talented student.


  • Rigorous academic programs that promote intellectual risk-taking,creative problem solving, and academic excellence
  • Environment that sustains and supports individual intellectual curiosity and challenges them with academic rigor
  • High school credit courses available for qualified students
  • PSAT/SAT participation through the Center for Bright Youth and Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth
  • Fine Arts including art, choral music, drama, orchestra, guitar, keyboard, and band
  • STEM applications through courses in Robotics, MathCounts, Future Cities,and Forensics
  • Learning through collaborative experiences that emphasize the development of effective interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills


The Academy at Hyde Park has an instructional focus on accelerated learning, application, and college preparation.  This academic atmosphere exists in a social environment which provides your child with a peer group of children with like abilities and interests.